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Our Mission, Vision & Values Statement

To bridge the gaps in community-based services for those who are marginalized, overlooked and under-served in Greater Houston and surrounding areas.

As advocates of the communities we serve, we seek to promote autonomy, self-sufficiency, social and personal responsibility and good citizenship among all individuals.

In doing so, we demonstrate uncompromising principles to:

  • Restore respect and dignity to those we serve,
  • Inspire, motivate, enhance and transform the lives of those we serve; and
  • Improve the economic well-being and quality of life of our communities' citizens.

Issues We Face

Building Human Self-Sufficiency is the primary goal of the Launch Point programs. Joblessness, inability, illiteracy, disability, Impoverishment, family dysfunction, juvenile delinquency, incarceration are among the many barriers that render the larger population powerless to build themselves into healthy vibrant families, successful careers and small businesses.

We help youth and adults at risk to becoming burdens on society become productive citizens to society.

We help promising non-profits and small businesses struggling from the lack of information, training and funding become more productive and efficient by utilizing available resources and strategies for success.

Launch Point challenges its underserved participants & communities to accept and demonstrate self-responsibility, self-determination & self-reliance by engaging in Educational Entrepreneurial and Social Services Development Resources.

Through these initiatives, Launch Point has assisted over 800 heads of households with training, job placement and resources enabling the families to get off TANF and welfare, over 2,500 youth with career and leadership development activities within the last 5 years.



Ivory Mayhorn is the CEO and Founder of Launch Point Community Development Center, Inc., a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.  A community leader and advocate for better families and communities for over 30 years has formed the right team for community transformation.  This is the Launch Point Team, the key to the success and drive for excellence by the organization.  Operating as an administrative team of veteran executives of successful organizations and businesses, a wealth of knowledge and experience for transforming the lives of families and the communities is the foundation. 



Since its inception, LPCDC administration has worked diligently to build and strengthen the organization’s coordination and partnerships with other local organizations and agencies. The organization has become known for providing specialized assistance with minority/disadvantaged individuals , students, youth and families over the past 15 years, specifically in workforce training and development in health care careers with underrepresented groups in the communities served by the project. The vision for Launch Point is to reverse cycles of community deprivation, incarceration, impoverishment, and illiteracy by providing supportive resources, training, services and opportunities to the Harris County area youth, families, and communities.



The Launch Point Team is a team of dynamic executives and managers of proven successful businesses and community organizations.

The Launch Point Team was recognized by President Obama’s White House Champions for Change Initiative.

The Launch Point Team has been awarded over 3.5 million in funding for transforming lives in underserved communities.

Return on Investment for Donors and Contributors

Donors and sponsors can be confident knowing their contributions are assured to provide direct results to individuals and communities with substantial returns on contributions.

The Launch Point Team is an award-winning recipient of the Texas Workforce Commission Self-Sufficiency Fund Grant for (4) years. As community leaders, we challenge all participants and neighborhoods to accept and demonstrate self-determination and self-reliance by engaging in LPCDC Schools of Workforce Development for economically disadvantaged families. As a result of this partnership with the state, the Launch Point Team placed over 300 heads of households in regular full-time jobs enabling the families to get off TANF and welfare. The Launch Point team infused over $3.5M into the local economy over a period of 4 years by placing low-income families into jobs with an increase of an average $10,000 in family income through job training and development. Some of the projects managed included:

Awarded $566,707 Self Sufficiency Fund (SSF) grant from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) One hundred (138) TANF/Food Stamps recipients, with dependent children, with training in the Successful Beginnings/Customer Service, Certified Nurse Aide Training and Computer Training.

Awarded $271,094 Self Sufficiency Fund (SSF) grant from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) One hundred (100) TANF/Food Stamps recipients, with dependent children, with training in the Successful Beginnings/Customer Service, Certified Nurse Aide Training and Computer Training.

Awarded $199,814 Self Sufficiency Fund (SSF) grant from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Sixty-six (66) students TANF/Food Stamps recipients, with dependent children, with training in the Successful Beginnings, Customer Service, and Computer Training Programs.

Awarded $44,000 from the Texas Workforce Commission for Employment Mentoring Program.

Partnered with Clinton Park Elementary School in providing services to youth, in a Mayor’s After-School Achievement Program (ASAP).

Received a grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to assist in building the organization’s service capacity, enabling the Center to provide additional evening and weekend activities for all persons in our community.



  • Assist individuals underserved with  information, training and resources to develop self-sufficiency.
  • Assist small businesses and non-profits with working strategies for the highest funding support, productivity and performance possible.
  • Develop global connections and business ventures for economic development.
  • Build Young Business Leaders today to become the ones who change the world tomorrow.

Since 1993, we have

  • Provided training, development, and start-up funding strategies for our non-profit clients and small businesses.
  • Coached and provided development assistance to over 26 non-profit and for-profit Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) & executives.
  • Provided 1000’s of In-Kind services hours of pro-bono assistance and hands on support to our non-profit clients.
  • Guided over 50 businesses from the verge of bankruptcy to solvent.
  • Assisted organizations in fundraising strategies to reach 1000’s of clients.
  • Provided Job training and placement 
  • Nominated into the White House Champions of Change Initiative

2013-2014 GOALS

Our 2013-14 goals include creating 300 new jobs in our service area, transition 350 recipients from the welfare of government assistance to on the job training, assist 150 adults with attaining his or her high school diplomas and solid career paths and reach over 1500 youth with accelerated learning for high performance achievement.

We are proud to currently provide the services below to the Houston Harris County communities, which includes:

  • Professional Development Training
  • Motivational Speaking and Workplace Team Building
  • Non-Profit Training
  • Small Business Training
  • Faith-based Project Development Training
  • Funding and Contracting
  • Communications and Sensitivity Training
  • Computer Office Training
  • Nurse Aide Certification
  • Food, Health & Nutrition Education
  • Crisis Training and Emergency & Crisis Intervention
  • Job Training & Placement Programs
  • Accelerated High Performance learning for kids with special needs
  • Youth Development & School Improvement Programs
  • High School Diploma & GED Programs
  • Substance Abuse Prevention & Intervention
  • Juvenile Delinquency Prevention/Intervention
  • Food & Clothing Banks, Emergency & Crisis Assistance
  • Programs for Special Needs and Disabled


  • Houston Community College
  • Workforce Development
  • Neighborhood Centers
  • HISD Schools
  • KIPP Schools
  • Superneighborhood 47
  • NE Community Coalition
  • Santa Maria Centers
  • Catholic Charities
  • SER Jobs
  • Goodwill
  • Barbara Jordan Endeavors
  • Harris County Probation
  • City of Houston Municipal
  • Judge Mike Parrot
  • Precinct 254
  • Urban League
  • Houston READ Commission

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